9 Yarra St, South Yarra

Hidden amongst the backstreets and office buildings of South Yarra, Outpost is a real gem. A progeny of the much-loved specialty coffee house, St Ali in South Melbourne, Outpost is sleek and stylish while retaining a classic charm. Walking past the central kitchen, bouncing with colour and movement, we come to a dinning room that fuses the industrial with provincial France. Light fittings are hung low, and shelves are polished then adorned with a selection of bottled drinks and shining utensils, all sitting on a floor of checkered tiles. Herbs are grown in glossy pots and the sunshine beams through the large glass windows.

Do not be deceived by the size of this trackside café, the menu is bursting with inventive flavour combinations while retaining the classics like eggs served any way, bircher and daily baguettes. Their seasonal espresso blend is full-bodied with a nutty accent and is perfectly combined with a pick from their exceptional selection of cakes and other sweet treats.  Here, the emphasis is on the quality of the produce and when wrapped in such a beautifully unique package, Outpost is well worth a visit.

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